A Collection of Suggestions

We will start out small, and hopefully grow. Send your ideas to me at: adeler@kfar-olami.org.il and I will post them here.
                                                            ~ Adele

​A book that might be useful with your Ethiopian pupils is called Using Folktales by Eric Taylor and it can be purchased from ECB. It is NOT a textbook, but could be used in addition, for literature. It has one tale from Ethiopia, but in general, I think that there are many folktales which can be used from this book, (and techniques for using them) because they relate to human feelings, and situations that are relevant in any culture.


In addition, I looked up where the one Ethiopian tale in the book was taken from and I found this:




There are lots of other things that you can do with folktales like ask them to ask their parents/ grandparents to tell them stories they told them when they were kids and then translate them together into English.


I took a course on Yiddish folklore at the Hebrew University and our lecturer asked us to collect the words of the song  "Shkedim Vetzimukim" in Yiddish.   We got something like 27 different versions.  In a culture where tales are passed on from mouth to ear, they go through several "gilgulim". 


                                                    ~ Miriam Greif